Thematic scope

Exhibition of Industrial Subcontracting is a leading event in the Polish market devoted to industrial cooperation and subcontracting.

Metal Processing

  • machining: turning, milling, drilling and reaming, boring, broaching, gears processing
  • abrasive processing
  • electric discharge machining
  • water jet, plasma and laser cutting
  • surface treatment: heat & chemical, cleaning, blasting, coating, plating, powder & spray painting
  • plastic processing and sheet forming: cutting, bending, pressing and extrusion, trimming
  • solid forming: hammering, rolling, pulling, spinning
  • joining: welding, pressure welding, gluing, redrawing
  • production and design production of steel constructions, industrial machines and technological tools
  • serial and custom production
  • regeneration, sharpening, coating and repairs of tools

Wood Processing

  • sawing
  • milling
  • drilling
  • 3D modelling
  • gluing
  • sanding
  • drying and seasoning
  • impregnation
  • coating

Plastic Processing

  • machining
  • thermo-plastic processing and thermo-hardening
  • molding services
  • tool production: molds, dies

Industrial Services

  • design and implementation of control systems
  • measurement
  • research, consulting and training
  • modernization and renovation